What We Do

Construction Management

Construction management is all about overseeing various aspects, including setting a budget and overseeing personnel, of a building project. Job responsibilities can include interfacing with clients and updating them on project progress, hiring necessary personnel and managing daily activities, and ensuring projects follow all building and safety codes. Construction project managers work closely with engineers and architects assigned to a project to make sure it runs smoothly.


Silpi Global construction team utilizes state of the art defect rectification reporting techniques throughout the construction process to ensure high quality delivery. We support and monitor the contractors QA QC process and support the site team with site inspections, QA audits, assessments and material testing. This ensures compliance to specified and functional performance and reduces the cost associated with abortive work.


Safety is of paramount importance to Silpi Global and we cultivate a safety culture through the entire supply chain right through the duration of the project. Our construction management team does not tolerate anything other than a zero LTI environment and this is supported by implementing robust incident reporting procedures, regular site visits and audits of all contractors and operatives safety plans and control systems.